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What Do Hedgehogs Consume?

What Do Hedgehogs Consume?

Contemplating about getting a hedgehog! That is great news! Before you convey your new spiky mate home, be positive you have a very good choice of food stuff on hand.


The basis of a healthy hedgehog diet must be insects and other invertebrates. In the wild, hedgehogs would have feasted wildly on an assortment of delicious bugs, beetles, and worms! Experience squeamish? You should not be. You do not require to go outside and dig in the filth for bugs. This could really be pretty hazardous for your hedgie’s wellness as many bugs in the organic planet have been extensively uncovered to poisonous pesticides. Hedgehogs have in fact been acknowledged to die right after having contaminated bugs.

The ideal resource for wholesome bugs is your regional pet retail store or online vendor. Glance for beetles, crickets, and meal worms. Dislike bugs? No issue. Position your container of bugs into the freezer. This will eliminate the insects but preserve them contemporary and preserved. Just be confident to allow them thaw prior to serving.

Just about every food really should contain six insects.


In addition to bugs, you will want to feed your hedgehog a assortment of lean proteins. For this motive you will truly want to steer clear of industrial hedgehog foods and decreased good quality cat meals as both of those products tend to be incredibly high in body fat and additives. You can easily give your hedgehog will fantastic resources of protein by supplying cooked shrimp, skinless hen breast, or turkey breast lower into smaller items. Just make certain regardless of what meat you serve is cooked, not uncooked.

If you wish to feed your hedgehog well prepared foods, seem for large high quality damp and dry cat foods. How can you determine quality? Go through the labels! Search for food items that are acquainted this sort of as “rooster breast.” Do not settle for vague phrases this kind of as “poultry” as this indicates a decrease food grade. Also steer clear of any foods with plenty of chemical compounds, included sugar, or fats.

Fresh Meals!

Hedgehogs enjoy fruit and veggies cut into little pieces. Excellent foods consist of Apples, asparagus, bananas, carrots, greens, sweet peppers. Food items to stay away from contain peas and corn as they comprise way too significantly sugar and phosphorus. At last, these meals ought to be averted completely as they are not safe and sound for hedgehogs!

  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes and raisins – Will result in organ failure.
  • Milk and Dairy Products – Hedgehogs simply cannot digest these foodstuff. Belly challenges and diarrhea will follow.
  • Nuts and Seeds – Numerous hedgehogs will get nuts and seeds stuck in the roof of their mouths. Some have also been recognised to accidentally gouge their personal eyes out striving to get a nut or seed out of their shells.