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Various Plant Extracts and Their Benefits

Various Plant Extracts and Their Benefits

The use of plant extract for medicinal benefit has originated since many decades. Herbal medicines have been in use since the Roman period. Socrates is believed to have used many herbal medicines to cure ailing people and bring relief to their pain. Nature is known to have provided a cure for every ailment present in the world.

Research has proved the medicinal benefits of herbs and plants in more than a million ways. Plant extract is being used in many fields for various purposes besides health benefits. Millions of derivatives can be procured from different types of plants. Studies have proved that more than five billion people benefit from the use of medicines derived from plants.

The Most Commonly Found Plant Extract and Uses

Plant extract is commonly used for medicinal values because it is quite effective and seldom causes any side effects. Herbal medicines have known to cure many fatal diseases and help to prevent them too.

Though there are many types of extracts derived from plants, a few of them are more commonly used such as:

Ginger: the use of this plant extract helps to reduce nausea and cures indigestion. Ginger tea is also known to cure common cold and prevents the formation of phlegm.

Garlic: Known to purify the blood, consumption of this particular extract helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Aloe vera: One of the best known plant extract that helps to cure minor ailments like cuts and burns. Aloe vera has many other medicinal values too. The juice and gel derived from aloe vera helps to cure constipation and cleans the bowel. It also helps to keep the skin clear and radiant.

Black raspberry: The extract derived from raspberry is known to prevent oral cancer. It also helps to improve blood supply and purifies the blood.

Green tea: Tealeaf is known for its healing properties. Green tea helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells. It is also improves the functioning of the heart.

Peppermint oil: This particular plant extract is known to cure irritable bowel syndrome.

Eucalyptus oil: Known as an effective cure for common cold, application of this oil also relives severe pain. The eucalyptus oil can be used for inhaling as it relieves nose block.

Honey: Honey is one of the best extracts derived until date. It has many medicinal values including reducing high cholesterol. It helps to heal wounds and prevents diseases. It is also used in cosmetics to acquire clear skin.

Turmeric: The best antiseptic known for several decades, turmeric helps to prevent cancer. It is applied on wounds and cuts to accelerate the healing process.

Castor oil: The oil derived from castor seeds are known for its unique medicinal values. It relieves constipation and is useful for healthy growth of shiny hair.

With medicinal benefits galore, the numbers of plant extract buyers have increased substantially. As it is cheaper to other medicines it is widely used by people all over the world. Most of these extracts can be bought from online suppliers at reasonable prices.