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Top 10 Industry Associations in Nursing

Top 10 Industry Associations in Nursing

The top 10 industry associations in nursing cover all the bases – education, job searches, career advice, industry news, licensing information, links to discounted scrubs and equipment and much more. It is important for such a significant industry to have so many resources available for its practitioners, so they can better serve the communities around them. These following industry associations are great resources for nurses in all stages of their careers, the present students and those considering going into nursing in the near future.

1. American Academy of Ambulatory Care: This national organization is dedicated to professional nurses who work in ambulatory settings.

2. American Association of Critical Care Nurses: Since its founding in 1969, the AACN has evolved into the largest organization for any nursing specialty with 65,000 international members.

3. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists: The AANA, which was founded in 1931, is the professional association that represents Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists across the country.

4. American Nurses Association: The ANA represents America’s registered nurses (RNs). The association promotes a high quality of nurses, addresses ethics and other workplace issues and addresses the latest industry news and more.

5. American Nursing Informatics Association: This organization upholds the value of advancement, communication, education and networking for this specialized area.

6. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association: Visit the APNA to view its highly regarded journal and learn more about membership, jobs, news, resources and more.

7. National Student Nurses’ Association: The NSNA has approximately 53,000 members nationwide. Its goal is to “mentor the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitate their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.”

8. Oncology Nursing Society: All registered healthcare professionals involved in the area of oncology care are open to join this organization.

9. The ACNM Certification Council: This is the certifying body of the American Council of Nurse Midwives, which is a valuable resource for accredited midwifery and nurse-midwifery training programs.

10. Association of Rehabilitation Nurses: This professional association promotes the practice of rehabilitation nursing.