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Tips in Finding Discount Magazine Subscriptions

Tips in Finding Discount Magazine Subscriptions

If you are a magazine reader, good discount magazine subscriptions are always welcome. With today’s difficult times, finding a good deal with magazine has become more necessary than ever. Here are some tips to help you find discount magazine subscriptions:

Try to avoid getting subscriptions from telemarketers, junk mail, promotional give-aways, resellers and solicitors. Resist their sales pitches as much as you can. They can be pretty convincing at telling you that you are getting a good deal. Although some will actually save you money, most have hidden costs that would surprise you when billing date comes, or cancellation problems. Also, be wary of scam artists who use selling subscriptions as a ploy.

Ask the publisher about special discounts. To get discount magazine subscriptions, it is a good idea to contact the publisher directly. Find their contact number, speak with a customer representative, then ask directly about current promotions they have and special savings you can get. There are often unadvertised discounts for first time subscribers, and discounts for teachers and students. There might also be special discounts you can be entitled such as travel points, credit card holder discounts, and organization membership discounts.

Make sure you understand the pricing structure well. This is a very simple tip that is often overlooked. Take note that an eye-catching, amazingly cheap discount magazine subscription may only be great at first glance, but only to find out sooner or later that the price advertised is the price for every issue, and not the annual subscription price.

Make sure you know all the terms associated with the subscription. Many subscribers have problems with cancellations mainly because they do not know the terms in the first place. Some discount magazine subscriptions can be unbelievably cheap, but entails high cancellation fees. Make sure you know what you will expect should you decide to cancel the subscription later on. In addition, multiyear subscriptions always merit you some discount. However, make sure that you are happy about subscribing to the magazine for a few years, or else you may have to spend on cancellation fees.

Choose a billing method that is right for you. Most cheap subscriptions entail automatic credit charges. If you agree to such terms, make sure that you are aware of its potential disadvantages. First, renewals may be billed early on (sometimes even before you even agree to renew). Second, rates may be increased without prior notice. Make sure you clear these issues out before agreeing to subscribe.