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Tips And Strategies For Managing Pain And Criticisms From Past Events

Tips And Strategies For Managing Pain And Criticisms From Past Events

Learn to use perspective to manage criticisms related to past events. What will you do when you casually try to discuss what happened in the past and you get criticized? When you get criticized don’t lash out emotionally. I know this is easier said than done. I have caught myself feeling one way sometimes, but reacting in a different way. How do you use discipline as an emotional guard to eliminate and manage stress? Do you remember exactly what you were doing at this time yesterday? Do you know what you were doing 10 years ago? Where you in a past event that you now remember with strong negative emotions? Here are tips and strategies for managing pain and criticisms from past events.

If you want to properly manage criticism from your encounters with others based on past events, you have to be strategic in your encounters with others. The first thing you need to understand is that everyone you talk to approaches the encounter through their own perspective. For some people a negative past event is simply a difficult time, but for others it remains an emotionally wound that cannot heal. Every encounter you have with others is an opportunity for you to use your emotional discipline to manage the conversation or criticism more effectively. What will you do when someone asks you a question, you do not like? What will you do Did someone react in a way you didn’t expect, to the small talk you were trying to make? What will you do?

When criticism leads you to a disruptive place, press the pause button. Trust the process you have already determined works best for you and begin again. Discipline and confidence in yourself will help you determine when to speak, when to listen or when to simply walk away. Constant pressure can occur through your daily interactions with others. How can you use discipline as an emotional guard to manage stress or criticisms in your daily circumstances?

You have to have the discipline to remain strategic in your response to an emotionally charged response to a past event. Sometimes this may mean disappointing your friends and your family. It may mean that you cannot you will be attacked and called names by that person for whom a past event get into an argument about the meaning of past events. Can you do it? Can you withstand the pressure when the negative comments start trickling in? Can you refuse to participate in the activities you really like so that you can focus on the activities that will help you grow? Do you have the discipline to refuse to be distracted by the latest trend or latest explosion of anger based on pain from a previous event? When you get to the point where you can more consistently focus and achieve your daily mini-goals you will begin to more consistently use tips and strategies for managing stress form pain and criticisms form past events.