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Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Stress – Heed the Warning Signs of Stress

Physical and Psychological Symptoms of Stress – Heed the Warning Signs of Stress

There are various physical and psychological symptoms of stress you have to be aware of. These symptoms are ways your body uses to tell you that something is wrong. These are warning signs that tell you it’s time to take a breather.

Not heeding to these physical and psychological symptoms of stress can lead to serious consequences. You have to be responsible for your own health. You know what they say. Prevention is better than cure. While stress is a normal part of your life, you can at least minimize its negative effects, and save yourself from running to the doctor in the long run.

1) Lack of Energy

When you’re stressed, your body feels heavier than usual. Stress takes away the comfort of sleeping well. You might develop insomnia or find yourself having trouble relaxing at night. This eventually leads to a lack of energy. And how productive can you be when you can barely leave your office for lunch?

One way to keep your energy high is by having a healthy diet. Instead of snacking on junk food, why don’t you take a bite of energizing fruits like mangoes and strawberries? Or if you want, you can treat yourself to a delicious fruit smoothie.

Another way to overcome tiredness is to move your body. Too busy to exercise? If your place of destination is near, you could walk instead of commuting or driving your car. Take the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

2) Moodiness

It happens to everyone. Moodiness is one of the main physical and psychological symptoms of stress. This means your mind or your body can’t take much more.

If you have a looming deadline in three days, you can’t help but snap at your husband/wife when he/she nags you about the kids or some small matter. This kind of reaction is almost automatic, but that doesn’t mean it’s tolerated.

Apologize and explain what’s causing your moodiness. Take a break and find the positive sides in every situation. When you’re stressed, you don’t want to deal with possible future stressors. And the emotional issues are oftentimes the most draining.

3) Lack of Concentration

Another one of the physical and psychological symptoms of stress is lack of concentration or focus. This is completely normal. Whether you’re the CEO of the company or a regular floor supervisor, being exposed to stress makes it doubly difficult to focus and make sound decisions.

Do your best not to let your stress get this extreme. Heed what your body and mind is telling you… and learn to relax.

These are just some of the physical and psychological symptoms of stress you should consider. If you find yourself experiencing any of these signals, better take it easy and slow down.