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Natural Cures For Dark Under Eye Circles? Beware of Untested Home Remedies

Natural Cures For Dark Under Eye Circles? Beware of Untested Home Remedies

Some of the natural cures for dark under eye circles that you will read about on the internet should be tried with caution, if at all. Remember that some of these are home remedies people have come up with on their own. Remember, too, that just because a compound is naturally occurring does not mean that it is safe. Menthol is a case in point.

Menthol is a naturally occurring substance found in peppermint and other mint oils. In small quantities, it is relatively safe. But, in any quantity, it will irritate the eyes.

One of the home remedies mentioned in an internet article suggests the use of Icy Hot to lighten dark circles. One of the active ingredients in all forms of Icy Hot is menthol. The concentration varies, as does the amount of irritation that could occur. But, plain and simple, the product was not designed for this use. It was designed for occasional use only as directed and the product warning labels include avoiding contact with the eyes and mucus membranes.

Most of the natural cures for dark under eye circles that you’ll read about are completely safe. But, the effectiveness varies. Anyone that suffers from chronic darkness under the eyes should take the time to evaluate their diets. A young person in relatively good health should not experience them. But, they can occur as a result of poor dietary habits, especially in women.

Iron deficiencies cause them, as can any nutritional deficiency that affects blood vessel strength. The darkness is actually due to blood vessels leaking waste products into the thin tissue layers beneath the eyes. Logically, nutrients that support blood vessel strength could be natural cures for dark under eye circles. One of the nutrients that provide that benefit is Chrysin.

Chrysin is an antioxidant found in blue passion flower and other plants with a bluish color. It can be taken orally and is also present in some of the better under-eye gels.

You should be cautious about any eye-gels containing fragrance ingredients, whether they are natural essential oils like peppermint or artificial fragrances. They can still cause irritation of the eyes. The irritation will eventually make the circle even darker.

Tea bags, slices of citrus fruit and cold compresses are some of the other natural cures for dark under eye circles that you might see. While it is true that the cooling effect of those things may reduce bags and puffiness, it is not likely to get rid of the darkness.

There are some antioxidants in citrus fruit that have proven beneficial in reducing darkened areas by more than 60%. But, the antioxidants must be extracted from the fruit rinds and concentrated in order to provide that effect. In other words, you can’t do it in your kitchen.

While there are some products that you can easily make at home and expect greater safety, you might want to leave the natural cures for dark under eye circles to the experts. They know what they are doing.