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I Celebrate to Honor All Women Expert EzineArticles Authors

I Celebrate to Honor All Women Expert EzineArticles Authors

The 8th. Of March, 2007, is the Women’s International Day. This is a special day with all intent and purpose, indeed, being celebrated just for you. The God willing, I shall agree, join, and support this auspicious world-wide celebration.

Uniquely, the happening is in the month of March. So ladies, this signifies that you shall march physically and metaphysically, if you will, forward, onward, and upward, toward your shared destination – the oneness of dignity, honor, and pride.

In this spirit of celebration, I take the opportunity through this article, especially here at [email protected], to honor you, being the women expert ezine@rticles authors. Yes, the entire wise females sharing their best, original, and quality articles with about one million subscribers world-wide.

As a subscriber to ezine@rticles, a total of about 40 categories, including that is specific to Women’s
Interests, as well as other special categories with your commitments, involvements, participation, submissions, and contributions, I have benefited a great deal, especially your sincerity in sharing vital and valuable information.

In this act of your sharing articles with us, each of you is unique in your own rights, field of expertise, specialty, forte, while expressing your feelings, thoughts, and spirit, through organized written words – namely, articles!

I have browsed directories providing free articles, yet here at [email protected], is an assemblage of women, with hearts, brains, brightness, and beauties; specifically women who have truly mustered the art of writing articles, and the word craft.

You are representing each and every nation from Afghanistan, to Malaysia, and United States of
America, right up to Zimbabwe. Imagine, in concert women are continuously writing and submitting
articles from around the globe directly to one center at [email protected], and then to be disseminated and distributed back world-wide.

In addition, you also invite individuals like me to explore your web pages, blog pages, and business premises to further benefit from the products and services that you are providing with purpose, and passion.

So much so, I acknowledge your wisdom, ethics, principles, integrity, wits, sense of humor, love, charisma, style, and more from each of you.

In addition, I am proud to see that some of you have achieved the level of quantity submission of more
than 1,000 articles thus far; an increasing numbers are proudly displaying the badge of a Platinum Level Expert Ezine@rticles Author; a great number are easily submitting more than 10 articles per day, while maintaining a high standard of quality, thus adding to the records of your individual and collective accomplishments here. Of course, more are joining to rank with exceptional articles writers here at [email protected]. Simply awesome.

I am witnessing your advancements and progress here. Yes, you are still performing at ease with the pots and pans at home, yet you proceed to pursue the extension and expansion of your articles to include podcast at your websites and blog pages for your loyal fans.

I know I shall continuously meet you by reading your articles here at [email protected], coming in batches, once or twice daily depending on the volume, through the ezine@rticles alert, at my email-box. Also, your individual free weekly and monthly newsletters, books, ebooks, and emails. I shall also benefit at your place and space, with well organized information storage, at your information rich libraries and precious archives.

Therefore, although the 8th of March, 2007, is just a day only dedicated to you. Yet, to me a day in a specified month seems not enough to show and shower my appreciation, honor, respect, and gratitude for all that you have done so well here.

So I choose to celebrate to honor you in every moments of my life, as an equal creation of the God, and I thank the Lord, for your being, your existence, your presence, your role, your responsibility, your contribution, and more.

In my own writings I much prefer to use the term “huwman”; “w” added to include woman, instead of “human” quite male in its connotation and denotation. This, I do within a guideline, as a nature of my respect for you. I have also decided to change my usual giggle from “hehehehehehe”, to a non-gender bias kind of giggle, “heshehesheheshe”. I realize, more than these you deserve.

So, in line with The United Nations’ theme for International Women’s Day this year, I share with you one theme that is a little bit different yet significant, here it is: “The beginning and continuation of respect and appreciation, in honor to all Women.”

Perhaps it is through this platform – [email protected], we shall follow up on this theme, by your awakening now to a level of a vibrational mass, so as you shall arise through self transformation to experience your total life on the peak of your total success, now here, and should you prefer, here after.

Surely, by now you already know how to attain or obtain, then maintain and sustain total happiness in your life. In addition to performing real magic, and the enjoyment of miracles, while writing and submitting articles here in the mode of “do what you love, and love what you do”.

To all women expert ezine@rticles authors, “Wow!”