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How to Get Rid of Your Girlfriend’s Guy Friend

How to Get Rid of Your Girlfriend’s Guy Friend

One of the biggest problems that men have when dating women is the existence of or the emergence of the dreaded guy friend. This is a very difficult subject because as guys no one knows men better than we do and we know for a fact there is no such thing as a “guy friend”. Any man that wants to be friends with your girlfriend has an agenda, he either wants to sleep with her now or keep her on the back burner so that he can try and sleep with her later or he wants to use her as bait so that she can introduce him to other girls. This article is designed to give you some tips on how to get rid of your girlfriend’s guy friend.

Be the alpha male.

The last thing you want to do is start a fight with her male friend, girls hate guys like that. However you can easily become the alpha male and win the mental war without ever having to fight a physical battle. You need to start preferably from day one, meeting number one, or as soon as possible if this guy is in your life right now beating the alpha male. Make eye contact with him, be short and serious when talking to him, be friendly but not his friend. If your girlfriend is not around be as cold as possible to her guy friends. Never make plans to hang out with him. You want to mentally let him know that you’re aware of his games and that it is not worth his time to hang around your territory.

Be nice to her girlfriends.

Women value their independence, and one of the first subconscious arguments they are going to make when they consider getting rid of their guy friend is that by doing so they are giving up their independence and any sense of an independent life without you. You need to completely defuse this argument by fostering an independent life that allows her to dump her guy friend completely and still feel like she is in control. One of the best ways to do this is to be nice to her girlfriends and foster those relationships. If you are nice to her girlfriends it will pay dividends like no other.

As the women are out talking about you her girlfriends will always support you even if there is an argument. You want to foster activities where she can independently have fun with her girlfriends but avoid things like girls nights out at the bars where she will be head-on and you can’t control the appearance of the fabled guy friend. Offer to pay for her and her girlfriends to get their nails done one Sunday morning. I guarantee you that her guy friend won’t be at the nail salon a Sunday morning and you will come off smelling like a rose.

Remove her from that guy’s social circle.

You want to make a conscious and covert effort to remove your girlfriend from the social circle that the so-called guy friend belongs to. If they are all going out to the bars one Friday night try and learn about this ahead of time and plan a romantic dinner just the two of you far away from where her guy friend will be hanging out. On things like her birthday take her out of town or encourage events with her friends that are just girls like them all going to the salon together. If the guy friend has any confidence whatsoever he going to put up a fight and try and pull your girlfriend back into his world you want to give her as many better alternatives as possible so that she is not tempted to hang out with the guy friend.

If all else fails dump her.

The sad news is some women are just addicted to the attention they get from other men and no matter how great their boyfriend is they refuse to not have guy friends. There needs to come a time in your relationship fairly quickly ( in most cases at the two-month mark) were if she does not start showing signs of pulling away from her guy friends that you need to pull away from her. Trust me you do not want to have a long-term relationship with a girl that has a ton of guy friends and you certainly don’t want your wife hanging around other guys all the time. There are many things that men have to do when dating women that are unbalanced, we must ask the women out, we have to pay for the dates, we have to protect them; it’s perfectly fair that after a reasonable amount of time you require that the guy friends hit the road. If you’ve tried all of the tactics above and she still has these guy friends waiting in the wings it may be time to look for a better girlfriend.