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Herbal Remedies and Supplements

Herbal Remedies and Supplements

Herbal remedies were all that existed before man came up with modern medicines. While modern medicine is very advanced and helpful, herbal remedies should be your first choice as it is natural. Prescription medicines can cause allergies if you are not careful and you can also have side effects. Herbal remedies on the other hand, are perfectly safe and you don’t need caution before you consume it.

Fruits and certain herbs have been used from ancient times to cure common ailments like the common cold, diarrhea, cough, menstrual cramps, etc. Some of the herbal remedies also work to prevent long term illnesses like cancer, dementia, etc. Blackcurrant, bananas, oranges, etc. are some of the fruit which have umpteen health benefits.

Fruits like blackcurrants and grapes have anti inflammatory properties and this is useful in treating symptoms of arthritis. Since arthritis is painful and lasts a long time, choosing fruits over prescription medication is a safer choice. Strong medicines can have a negative effect on health and put unnecessary strain on your kidneys. 

Blackcurrant seed oil is used to treat skin problems like acne and to maintain good oral health. Constipation can be overcome by including a lot of fiber in one’s diet rather than using chemical laxatives. This can be done by having whole fruits and not juices. Whole fruits like bananas, blackcurrants, oranges, etc. will have a laxative effect. Pomegranate is one of the most effective remedy for any stomach disorder.

Herbal remedies are not only used for physical ailments but also to treat mental disorders. Some mental disorders are due to the lack of certain micronutrients in the body. Deficiency of certain nutrients that are required in minute quantities can put the nervous system out of balance. Some fruits like blackcurrants are said to prevent people from developing dementia. Antioxidants present in blackcurrants are also found to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

A lot of herbal remedies using blackcurrants, raspberries, and cinnamon can be concocted for women who have severe menstrual cramps. While some can be taken raw, others are taken in the form of teas. These make a healthy alternative for pain killers. These remedies are safe and don’t have any side effects either. From ancient times people have always been advised to consume seasonal fruits and vegetables. This way the body will get the unique nutrients present in them. 

Herbal remedies not only cure ailments they can also be taken regularly to maintain one’s good health. They can also be called as supplements. Instead of going to a drug store, you can include certain fruits, raw vegetables and herbs in your diet and get everything you would from artificial supplements. Including all the natural essential ingredients into your diet may take a little time but once you get used to it, you will be having the healthiest meals. A good mix of fruits is ideal as one will obtain all the fruits in small quantities, thereby obtaining all the micronutrients required by the body.