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Fight Bronchitis With Everyday Home Remedies, Before it Gets You Down

Fight Bronchitis With Everyday Home Remedies, Before it Gets You Down

Inflammation of the bronchial tubes is also known as bronchitis,and is uncomfortable and annoying. As the condition worsens, mucus is developed. The swelling of the bronchial tubes is the main cause of bronchitis.

There are at least a few things that can help fight off this hideous disease:

Drink plenty of fluids.

It is highly recommended that you drink a lot of water, and stay away from fluids like coffee etc. Juice from fresh fruit is great. Drinking a lot of fluids will help thin your mucus but note water is the best fluid.

It is often best to avoid cold drinks as it can constrict the air passageway.

Look at home for your everyday product remedies.

Ginger is said to be an effective remedy for breathing problems including bronchitis and respiratory problems. Ginger can be taken in many different ways including tea and adding it to juices etc. By drinking the tea a few times a day it may offer some more relief. Try Apple, lemon and ginger juice – wow it will blow your socks off.

Onions! yes Onions are also a great aid for bronchitis. Juicing onions is most effective if taken first up in the morning. They are known to soften phlegm and possibly prevent the gathering of phlegm.

Almonds are also great. adding the ‘pounded’ 7 almonds to your drink just before going to bed is best.

‘Wheat grass’, spinach or other greens are also fantastic. Juicing these greens with carrot and celery is the most palatable.

Asparagus ! It is believed to be great for the fight against bronchitis and asthma. Fresh asparagus, beetroot, celery and carrots is also a great juicing combination. You can add other vegetables to your liking.

Last but not the least is Vitamin C. It is believed that the antioxidants help your lungs from damage and possible degradation.

Quit Smoking.

Yes that is right, you need to STOP smoking. It is a well known fact that Smoking deteriorates your lungs. This leads to damaged blood vessels which makes it harder to soak in the oxygen. Smoking is bad. Passive smoking (inhaling other people smoke) is just as bad as smoking. Therefore – stay away from smoke in general.

Humidify the air and your environment.

It is best to have a vaporizer in your bedroom when you sleep at night if you feel a bronchial attack or restricted airway. Humidity helps relax and relieve the tense membranes in your bronchial tubes, and is good for reducing coughing.

Exercise regularly – you have to be kidding?! Exercise is good for people with breathing difficulties – (in a moderated environment of course).

Swimming and other forms of light regular exercise are good for bronchitis and asthma sufferers. Breathe in fresh air. Get outside if possible. Morning exercise is probably the best as it ‘sets up a great rhythm’ in your body for the rest of the day. Make sure your posture and breathing is also done correctly when exercising.

Practice these minimal steps to help alleviate some of your bronchial symptoms. Remember that if you experience pain or things you are not sure of, then it is best to seek health care professional help immediately, BUT – don’t be afraid to try something different or new.