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Docking Can Be Pleasurable, But Beware of Penis Pain

Docking Can Be Pleasurable, But Beware of Penis Pain

As all men know, the penis is a resilient source of incredible and ecstatic pleasure, but some activities may also produce a bit of penis pain if not practiced carefully. Many men engage in the practice known as penis docking or male docking (or simply docking). For most of these men, docking is both a source of enormous physical sensations and a unique bonding experience with another man; to get the most out of it, men will need to make sure they practice appropriate penis care along the way.

What is docking?

Docking is a sexual activity involving two men, at least one of which must be uncircumcised. In docking, two men stand across from each other in an aroused state. The tips of their penises meet and touch; in many cases, frottage would ensue at this point, but the docking enthusiast takes a slightly different route.

If only one of the pair is intact, he then rolls back his foreskin, revealing the naked glans; if both are intact, they both retract the prepuces. Then the foreskin of one man is rolled back over his glans and stretched across so that the other man’s penis is also covered by the foreskin. If both men are intact, the other man then releases his foreskin. A form of mutual masturbation then begins, with the foreskin or foreskins rolling back and forth over each penis, or with penises thrusting against each other inside the foreskin. For men with very stretched and commodious foreskins, the goal is to engulf as much of the other man’s penis as possible.

Not just a gay activity

While this may strike many men as a very odd or even distasteful activity, many other men find it thrillingly sensual and report that the orgasms achieved via this method are intensely powerful.

As might be expected, docking is thought to be practiced more frequently among men who are homosexual or bisexual; however, there seem to be a considerable number of straight men who have docked with another man. This is perhaps more common among teen-agers, but it is not unheard of for two straight adult males to dock. Think of it as the ultimate expression of bromance.

Preparation can be important

Not every uncut man is capable of enjoying the docking experience. Certainly those whose foreskins are especially tight or are shorter in length will have a more difficult time docking than those whose foreskins are much looser (whether by nature or by active stretching) and who enjoy a bit of extra length in the skin department.

It’s also essential that both penises involved be properly lubricated before embarking on a docking expedition. Some men report that pre-seminal fluid is sufficient for this activity; others definitely require the use of a proper lubricant on both the accommodating penis and the penis that is invited in as the guest of the foreskin.

Side effects

Clearly, the man whose foreskin is containing both penises may find his foreskin has become sore from overstretching. The potential for tearing is present, so care must be taken to avoid any damage. In addition, there is always the possibility of spreading an STI or a yeast infection.

Because the penis is so sensitive, docking can also result in rashes, itching or other skin irritation.

And, of course, overaggressive penis play on the part of one or both participants can result in plain old penis pain.

Fortunately, a sore penis or one that is rashy or itchy, can be aided through the use of a high quality penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Whether docking or not, regular use of such a formula keeps the penis in prime health; the desired formula will include an agreeable moisturizing ingredient such as vitamin E, as well as a high end natural emollient like shea butter. In addition, those formulas that also feature the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid can help avoid the aging process that sets in early in many penis skin cells.