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Combating the Prevalent Chilly – My Own Expertise With In excess of-The-Counter Sambucol

Combating the Prevalent Chilly – My Own Expertise With In excess of-The-Counter Sambucol


In my line of do the job as a Healthcare Librarian in a community medical center, I obtain a amount of weekly e-mail updates from publications and databases to enable preserve me knowledgeable on topics possible to be of fascination to the clientele I serve – our medical professionals, nurses, hospital team and typical community. A little around a 12 months back, I gained 1 during the peak of the H1N1 or Swine Flu outbreak that was of certain fascination to me.

I am unable to get the flu vaccine, due to a prior reaction a couple of decades ago. This is of some worry to me, given that I do function in a hospital. (And even if you can get the flu shot, it is not normally 100% helpful towards the year’s present-day flu pressure as it should be developed in advance of time it really is at most effective an educated guess as to which strains will be associated — so it can be excellent to have some extra aid on hand). Fortunately, I’ve only had the flu at the time in my lifetime — but it was more than enough to know that it is really a thing I you should not want to go by all over again! So when this email came by way of with an update titled “Elderberry Extract Might Reduce Influenza Signs and symptoms”, I was absolutely intrigued.

Not only was the topic pertinent, but the resource was a single of the most extremely revered in the health-related subject. It arrived from DynaMed, an evidence-centered “reference instrument made by medical professionals for doctors and other health care industry experts” by monitoring about 500 professional medical journals and databases. The editors decide on “posts most very likely to modify clinical apply”. What would make this topic specially fascinating is that elderberry is an herb, not a pharmaceutical. It is not generally that mainstream medicine exhibits an desire in “people treatments”.

Summary of the Write-up

In a spring 2009 analyze completed in China, sufferers were presented both elderberry extract or a placebo in just 24 hours of exhibiting flu-like signs and symptoms. Soon after 48 hrs, the elderberry group had a greater level of either entire symptom relief or appreciably lessened symptoms. Other scientific tests showed comparable final results with an elderberry extract syrup termed Sambucol. In a person of those people scientific studies, carried out by the Norwegian College of Oslo Faculty of Medication, those individuals supplied Sambucol confirmed substantial advancement soon after an common of just 3.1 times, as in contrast with 7.1 days for the placebo group. Anybody who has ever experienced the flu can respect the value of those people 4 days! And in contrast to several prescription drugs with very long lists of facet consequences, no big adverse outcomes have been claimed with Sambucol, as prolonged as the appropriate recommended dosing is adopted.

How Sambucol Performs

It’s significant to note that the only variation of elderberry syrup employed in the studies and definitively proven to have an influence is marketed as “Sambucol”. It truly is offered in the cold and cough syrup aisle of the pharmacy. Just one dose of 2 teaspoons is made up of 3.8 grams of elderberry extract. The packaging for Sambucol describes it as offering “Immune Process Assist”. Elderberries are unusually large in phytochemicals identified as flavonoids, especially anthocyanins, which are impressive anti-oxidants These anthocyanins improve our body’s immune process by aiding in the output of cytokines. Cytokines in essence enable the physique know when an amplified immune response is demanded. The healing properties of the bouquets and berries of the black elder bush were being observed as much back again as in the historical writings of Hippocrates, deemed to be the “Father of Fashionable Medicine”.

My Practical experience

Sambucol have to be taken within just 48 several hours of your to start with indicators in get for it to have an impact — and the faster the far better. Therefore, when I to start with read the e-mail from Dynamed around a year in the past, I decided to invest in a bottle to have on hand — just in situation. It was not cheap in comparison to some cold syrups — $12.99 — while I was in a position to find it on sale for about $10.00. I would have paid the increased value in any case, as it is even now considerably less pricey than a go to to my physician. (It really should be pointed out that though Sambucol supplies immune process aid, there is no evidence to date that it operates to actually reduce the flu it just lessens the indicators and permits for a quicker restoration when you feel you have it).

Late on a latest Friday evening, I started out to create the unmistakable signals of a chilly coming on. I guess it wasn’t far too stunning considering that a selection of individuals I work with experienced actually intense colds and even my hair stylist (who I experienced just visited two days previously) had 1. Although Sambucol is indicated for flu, not colds, I remembered the bottle I experienced on hand. I figured any immune help would be welcome and made the decision to give it my 1st take a look at. Even however my bottle experienced been purchased about a year previously, I was relieved to see that it apparently experienced a quite prolonged shelf life and was not due to expire for an additional 11 months. So about 2 several hours immediately after the onset of my symptoms, I took my very first dose (2 teaspoons). I was pleasantly stunned that my signs (generally a runny nose) seemed to vanish in about 10 minutes. I experienced a superior night’s snooze.

But when I woke up the next morning, I recognized the cold signs had returned — while they ended up even now relatively moderate. But I could definitely explain to I had a chilly. So I took one more two teaspoons, as nicely as some Vitamin C — which I figured could not damage (despite the fact that I have by no means been able to prevent a chilly by using Vitamin C by itself). Once more the indicators disappeared in 10 minutes. On the other hand, they did return in the course of the working day, about each and every four hrs (when the dose would put on off). I continued to consider the Sambucol — with the same symptom-reducing outcomes each individual time and experienced an additional very good night’s snooze.

By working day 3, I nonetheless had to just take the syrup, which I may note is relatively pleasurable tasting, thank goodness. But I was equipped to go for a longer time involving doses. And by that evening, I didn’t even come to feel like I experienced a chilly. I took it for 1 day for a longer period nevertheless, just for additional help. I can certainly say that the Sambucol served limit the severity of the chilly and quickened my recovery. I went out and purchased two much more bottles because they had been on sale for $3.00 off and won’t expire for a lot more than two yrs.


Based on the professional medical literature and my individual own working experience, it is my belief that it is undoubtedly worthwhile to continue to keep a bottle of Sambucol on hand — just in circumstance. It appears to be to have worked to lessen the severity and period of my chilly. But I hope I in no way have to come across out whether or not it is effective on the flu!


Sambucol is not a substitute for viewing your health practitioner or for using sufficient safety measures towards the flu these as proposed immunizations, hand washing, enough rest, and steering clear of crowds and ill folks when attainable for the duration of the flu period. There is a kid’s variation obtainable for children as youthful as 2 many years outdated it is not proposed for kids youthful than age 2. Remember to recall that all this sort of natural remedies and other health supplements ought to be mentioned with your well being treatment skilled. Herbal therapies are not regulated by the govt and high quality can vary widely from brand to model.