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Cancer Lead to and Removing

Cancer Lead to and Removing


A specific healthcare analysis committee led by Dr. Milbank Johnson at the College of Southern California did a 3-month examine to exam the effectiveness of an electronic ray tube unit for most cancers. They treated 16 patients which have been all pronounced fixed soon after 91 days in accordance to the documented results. If you are intrigued in understanding this illness, what brings about it and how to get rid of the induce the subsequent two articles or blog posts handle these issues. These content articles are not permitted by the American Health-related Affiliation and are not furnished to deal with, avert or treatment any sickness. It is only information relating to the mother nature of the condition and some historic information and facts with regards to what some have accomplished to change disorders in their system so it can return to homeostasis. A licensed clinical professional is the only one particular legally able to treat, avert or heal any disorder and the author of these articles does not qualify in this respect.

Cancer Lead to


Most cancers is brought about by a pleomorphic pathogen having 4 distinctive levels. It has been known for above 70 many years that the phase of the pathogen is decided by the pH of the encompassing tissue. Afterwards analysis has found that a few other circumstances will have to also exist in the physique for the most cancers pathogen to exist, there. Each individual of the 4 circumstances will be talked about in the 4 sections following this introduction. As soon as we recognize these problems, we can address their elimination and any further objects that might be desired.

Minimal pH

pH is described as the damaging log of the hydrogen ion concentration whilst it has nothing at all to do with hydrogen. The definition was established in 1906 by chemists who essential the smallest typical denominator, the smallest ingredient of charge by which all other individuals could be determined. For this reason, hydrogen was preferred simply because it has only just one electron, the smallest element of cost.

pH, however, has to do with electrons, not hydrogen. It identifies the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. A pH of 7 is outlined as neutral. Reduced is acidic. Greater is alkaline. Acids absence electrons which are detrimental. Consequently acids have a good charge which appeals to alkaline liquids which are negative.

It was uncovered in a bio-clinical study laboratory in La Jolla, California that when electrons are eradicated from a certain fungus by immersing it in a a lot more acidic liquid, it changes form from a fungus to a monococoid lifetime form. More electron removal will cause it to change to a however distinctive type named the BY virus and, then, to a BX virus which is the most intense kind of most cancers. Experiments were accomplished above 100 occasions to verify that switching the pH would transform the most cancers virus from the BX variety to the fungus and back, all over again.

So now we know that most cancers can commence as a uncomplicated fungus and come to be deadly as a final result of pH improve. The upcoming component will deal with oxygen and the portion it performs in the proliferation of the cancer pathogen.

Reduced OXYGEN

The oxygen material of the air in industrialized spots of the environment is substantially reduced than it was 100 or even 20 decades ago. This has contributed drastically to the rise of most cancers and other health conditions in latest years.

Nearly all condition-triggering micro-organisms, together with the most cancers pathogen, are anaerobic, meaning that they need an oxygen-totally free atmosphere to exist. So, when the human body is not getting more than enough oxygen to saturate the total physique, then regions are obtainable for the most cancers pathogen to exist in any of its 4 sorts. This is typically the scenario in places of the physique that have collected poisonous substances, and will be resolved in the following segment of this document. People who smoke are significantly at hazard given that the smoke debris that have collected in their lungs blocks the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream and the debris, itself, can generate oxygen-no cost parts for the most cancers pathogen to exist.

Anemia induced by insufficient iron in the blood can be a further contributing factor due to the fact of the inability of the purple cells to carry the oxygen devoid of iron. Rouleaux or clumping of the crimson cells also inhibits oxygen transfer as does lousy circulation, low blood tension, and so forth. Something that restricts obtain to, or transfer of, oxygen to the cells of the physique can create an oxygen-cost-free setting for cancer to exist.


Dr. Hulda Clark cites toxicity as the bring about of most cancers and a lot of other conditions. You can read through about this in her guides “The Remedy for all Cancers” and “The Get rid of for all Disorders”. Toxicity is the accumulation of international substances in the physique that are hard for it to eradicate. They act as, or have the outcome of, a poison due to the fact they exclude oxygen and nutrition that healthier cells require to function appropriately. Illustrations of substances that induce toxicity in the human body are canola oil, monosodium glutamate, Splenda, Nutra Sweet, sodium laurel sulfate, silver (mercury) fillings, chlorine, fluoride, bromines, pesticides and most fragrant hydrocarbons this sort of as methyl liquor, paint solvents, cleaners and air fresheners. The EPA has identified hundreds of carcinogens in our natural environment by (lack of) advantage of their toxicity in the system.

In addition to non-foods substances triggering toxicity, food items can do the same in the colon when it are unable to be eradicated adequately by ordinary functioning. Meat is a superior example. When there is not plenty of fiber in the diet plan, it becomes rancid and excludes oxygen and nutrients essential for the colon tissue to operate adequately. Any clogged or mal-operating organ can, also, grow to be poisonous from the accumulation of debris that excludes oxygen and vitamins and minerals. A prevalent illustration is a clogged liver from extra antibiotics and/or anesthetics such as acetaminophen.

Typically the exclusion of oxygen and vitamins and minerals by the poisonous substances is accompanied by absence of adequate electrons to have a balanced (previously mentioned 6) Ph. As a final result, the blend of these a few components give the most cancers pathogen a web site to multiply and proliferate. The body occasionally encapsulates the poisonous substances to generate a cyst, which further more complicates the problem, supplying cancer an great nursery.


Our immune system is delegated with the job of figuring out foreign invaders and destroying them. It is the best defense we have against viruses these as the BX and BY that are the root bring about of most cancers. A inadequately performing immune technique can be triggered by many components such as inadequate diet, deficiency of oxygen, lack of sleep, a secondary an infection or pressure that drains the body’s resources.

An often neglected immune procedure suppressor is EMF or RF pollution. It can interfere with deep snooze wanted for cellular rejuvenation and immune technique optimization. And, when robust enough such as a mobile cellphone against the ear, it can interfere straight with neurological processes in the mind so that cells can not get in touch with for assist to deal with invaders.

Sugar is a key component in immune procedure. It competes with vitamin C for transportation web-sites in the white blood cells and practically strangles the process since it inhibits the white blood cell perform. This involves all kinds of sugar including high fructose corn syrup that is in just about all prepared foodstuff, now. In addition to decreasing white blood mobile usefulness, the extra sugar in the bloodstream provides food for virus, microbes and Candida to increase and multiply. These can induce the excess tension on the immune process that causes it to conduct inadequately on any a single trouble mainly because it has so a lot of to address.


It has been recognised for above 70 a long time that cancer is a pathogen that can start out out as a fungus, improve to a monococoid life kind, to a BY and then to a BX virus as a result of shedding electrons which acidifies its natural environment.

The 4 ailments which need to exist for the most cancers pathogen to proliferate are: 1. Reduced pH 2. Very low oxygen 3. Toxicity and 4. Suppressed immune process. When we recognize these situations, we can deal with their removing and proceed on to deal with the cancer pathogen, alone.

Most cancers Trigger Removing


This addresses what folks have accomplished in the earlier to do away with the 4 circumstances that have to exist for the most cancers pathogen to proliferate. In addition, the last part in this posting describes an option that has been applied with good success when getting rid of the 4 circumstances does not reduce the pathogen.

Boosting pH

Blood pH is extremely intently regulated by the physique but the pH of other physique fluids is not, and can be utilised to observe acidity levels. Initially urine or saliva in the morning are the most well-known and most exact indicators. Veggies are identified to elevate pH and meats are identified to reduce pH. Fruits and grains can both raise or reduce pH dependent on the fruit or grain. Various publications have been prepared on this subject matter and can be consulted for far more precise information.

Other methods that individuals have elevated pH include things like incorporating electrons right to the overall body by drinking alkalized drinking water, functioning a destructive ion generator close by and using Microhydrin. H2o filters are obtainable that take electrons from drinking water exiting a person outlet and give them to water exiting a diverse outlet. The final result is acidic drinking water from the to start with outlet and alkaline water from the second outlet. Consuming the alkaline water a lot more than 2 several hours soon after a food (provides time to digest) provides electrons to the body to alkalize the overall body chemistry. Microhydrin does effectively the exact point. It was established by Dr. Patrick Flanagan for the intent of introducing electrons to the body. A damaging ion generator can, also, be employed and functions in a equivalent manner to include electrons and alkalize the system. Its edge is that it can be utilized continually and cleans the air as it operates.

Increasing OXYGEN Levels

Low oxygen is likely the most inconvenient the four results in to eradicate. The methods men and women do it are as follows: 1. They go out into the forest or jungle exactly where the oxygen focus is better 2. They get an oxygen tank from a professional medical source retailer to breathe a increased concentration of oxygen 3. They just take a complement named germanium sesquioxide. This includes an factor with further oxygen atoms that are unveiled in the body to deliver the more oxygen 4. They do what I choose to do and that is to use hydrogen peroxide. This is simply h2o with an excess oxygen atom. I gargle and brush my tooth with a 3% option from the drug retail store. Some like to mix 10 drops of 35% food stuff quality hydrogen peroxide in 2 ounces aloe vera juice and consume it three moments for each day. And, eventually 5. Ozone. This is a gasoline that can be produced by digital products that is generally not offered in the United states of america. Ozone is an oxygen molecule that has 3 oxygen atoms rather of the standard 2. This makes it unstable so it can easily donate the extra atom to your physique. It is so effective that it can damage lung tissue in all but the lowest concentrations, but it is so sturdy, it can ruin all the forms of the most cancers or any other micro-organism. It is normally made use of in a hyperbaric chamber or in drinking water.

Getting rid of TOXICITY

There are a lot of cleanses accessible to clear away toxicity. You can examine about these in the several books accessible in guide merchants, overall health foodstuff shops and on line. Cleanses incorporate liver, colon (optimumhealthandnutrition.com/jam), gall bladder, kidney, blood and other individuals. In addition, there are proven protocols to remove specific poisons from the human body including hefty metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, and so on.), parasites and some others.

Dr. James Howenstine states that ” When zeolite from… captures toxic metals, the zeolite merged with metals is excreted in urine and also becomes element of fecal squander.” Cilantro has been employed to eliminate metals, as perfectly. It is a well-known Mexican spice. I like foot pads for detoxing and there are a number of brand names to pick from. Their gain is that they get the job done even though you rest. I have seen reports of structured water or water engineered to exist in smaller molecule clusters performing quite nicely to detox the human body because it can get into smaller sized spots in the overall body to flush out contaminants. When the overall body encapsulates harmful substances to create a cyst, even so, it can be difficult to eliminate it without the need of medical procedures in which situation the knife can function incredibly very well.


This category has by much the most points to choose from. Quite a few have recovered from a major ailment by performing nothing at all far more than energizing the immune program with herbs, natural vitamins, crucial oils, colostrum, beta glucan, transfer issue and a lot of some others. Almost every single nutritional supplement business has goods especially formulated for boosting the immune system and they all work to one particular diploma or another when the person will get enough rest, liquids and bio-obtainable nutrition. Seek the advice of your regional or on-line wellbeing foodstuff retail outlet for tips.

For EMF or RF air pollution, 1 may perhaps need to take out a sensible meter or modem and router that broadcast frequencies as a result of the residing space. And, scientists who offer with the affects of cell cellular phone radiation advise maintaining cell telephones at the very least six inches from the overall body when working.

Whichever is taken to help the immune purpose can be multiplied with cayenne. This herb opens up the capillaries to strengthen circulation and get far more healing power to the place it is needed more quickly. Everyone can inform it does this mainly because it makes the entire system warm as the capillaries open to raise blood move.

Mixture Things

Some things will perform on several amounts to remove additional than one result in simultaneously. Raw natural vegetables, herbs and vital oils are in this group. Vitamins from greens can aid do away with all four of the formerly mentioned brings about and are most easily assimilated when processed through a juicer or foodstuff processor/mixer these kinds of as the Vita Combine. Herbs this sort of as Graviola function extra on the immune operate and detoxification, when nearly all crucial oils support immunity, detoxification and oxygenation.


The aforementioned briefly describes how some have eliminated four out of the five triggers of most cancers by removing the ailments that ought to exist for the cancer pathogen to proliferate. Sadly, this is not a cure, nor is it professional medical guidance. The cancer pathogen produces its very own surroundings inside tumors that it grows to safeguard by itself from our endeavours to damage it. I have collected testimonies from persons that only eliminated a single of the four conditions and the most cancers went into “spontaneous remission”, on the other hand this is not the norm. Extra normally the tumor proceeds to improve given that it is isolated from the bodies Ph, oxygen amounts and immune programs. And, getting rid of extra toxicity is not handy considering the fact that the tumor is isolated and probably growing in which poisonous substances have previously been saved. The upcoming portion offers with an choice that has been employed with fantastic achievement when all of the aforementioned was not more than enough.

WHEN Eradicating Four Leads to IS NOT Plenty of

The problem is that the cancer has isolated by itself from the rest of the body’s ailment battling mechanisms. Surgery is the normal process to eradicate tumors when they are accessible and not too various. But when Most cancers has distribute much too far for operation, other selections are wanted.

As outlined in the Preface, a method was devised to attain this using an electronic ray tube unit that was analyzed at the University of Southern California. The take a look at proved that the gadget was able to penetrate the tumors and ruin the most cancers in 16 out of 16 terminal most cancers victims.