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Basic Palmistry Part II

Basic Palmistry Part II

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is the art of telling a person’s fortune by looking at the lines and bumps on a person’s hand. However, since the 1920s, the art of Chiromancy has come a long way. Chirognomy is a related science in which hand shape; finger shape, fingers, nails and the texture and consistency of the flesh are examined in order to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the personality. Dermatoglyphics is the study of ridge patterns and formations found on the fingertips and palm itself to detect and diagnose inherited diseases. However here we are dealing with what I would call the “Romany Reader Basics” of the Art.

In an earlier New Age Notebook called Basic Palmistry I identified the major lines and mounts of the human hand. In this article we are going to examine other kinds of markings and characteristics that are common indicators of personality, temperament and fate.

Bubbles and Loops – Bubbles and loops that occur on life lines, heart lines and fate lines indicate significant episodes in your life or a life that is broken by many odd experiences. Strong clean lines without bubbles are always preferable if you are looking for a serene and quiet life.

Broken Lines – These usually indicate that a life will be disrupted in an upsetting manner. A broken lifeline can mean an early or tragic life. A break in the head line can mean a period of insanity or mental illness.

Crosses and cross-hatching: These marks on any mound or area of the hand often represent stressful influences, events or people. Usually the influence is a significant or important relationship. The deeper the line the more traumatic or life-defining the experience is said to be. The nature of the event is determined on which mound you find the cross or cross-hatching.

For instance, if you have a lot of cross-hatching on your Mound of Lower Mars you may encounter a lot of war or violence in your life. Crosses and cross-hatching on your Mound of Apollo can indicate troubles with career, confidence and success. On the outer edge of the hand, just below the little finger and the Mound of Mercury such marks are said to indicate how many children are in your future. If horizontal lines or cross-hatching occurs on your thumbs or fingertips it is a sure sign that you are under too much stress.

Attachment lines: These are lines that occur above the heart line and wrap from the side of the hand and extend out beneath the little finger. This is supposed to indicate the number of significant relationships or attachments you will have in your life.

Healer Stigmata: a long horizontal line that is crossed by three shorter lines indicates this. It is a symbol of natural healing abilities and usually occurs on the mound of Mercury just below the little finger.

Squares: If you find a square on your hand it means that you are a teacher or natural born leader and meant to enlighten others. The area of interest where you will excel is indicated where it is placed on a mound. For instance, a square that is found on the mound of Mercury indicates a career in teaching or education. A square found on the Mound of Venus below the thumb can indicate a nurse, doctor or healer.

Feathery light lines: These can be found all over the hand and are usually an indication of failing health. If the lines travel up from the wrist to the little finger it can indicate a chronic disease or disability.

X’s: X’s found anywhere in the palm usually indicate travel. If it is found on either of the Mounds of Upper or Lower Mars or on the plain of Mars it means traveling as a result of war or a military career. An X on the mound of Venus (below the thumb) means relocating for love and on the mound of Jupiter an X can mean relocating for reasons to do with career advancement.

Triangles: Triangles anywhere on the palm indicate a decent upbringing and emotional or intellectual strength. This once again depends which mound the triangle is found on. For example: a triangle found on the Mound of Venus indicates emotional strength and understanding when it comes to love. A triangle found on the mound of Saturn beneath the third finger indicates incredible physical and emotional endurance during times of trouble.

The Ring of Solomon: This is a line that circles the base of the Jupiter finger (index finger) and is found in the hands of those who are said to be psychic. It is also believed to represent royal blood or ancestry.

Stars: A star-shaped hatching of lines can mean that you will enjoy especially good fortune wherever that star is located. For instance if you have a star on your Mound of Venus, it can indicate fame. A star on your Mound of Mercury can mean success at relationships. Wherever you find a star on your hand, you are most likely to find good fortune unless it is located on the mound of Saturn beneath your third finger. In that case, it means a life of arrogance and pride without the prizes.