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Alkaline Foods Vs Acidic Foods, Which Are The Best?

Alkaline Foods Vs Acidic Foods, Which Are The Best?

Quick facts on Alkaline foods vs. acidic foods

Alkaline foods vs. acidic foods are each classified according to the effect which they have on urine PH level when they are consumed. Nowadays most of the medicine practitioners are striving to get the balance of the body’s PH. scientific research also emphasizes on the importance of the PH level to maintain a good health and to avoid many diseases. A person can only balance his body’s PH through diet if he knows about which foods are acidic and which are alkaline. The increase in the consumption of the acidic food can result in acidosis which means acid level increases in the body. When the consumption of the alkaline food is increased, it can be beneficial not only to the body but can also help in preventing many diseases.

The PH is the measurement of the substance’s acidity and alkalinity. The normal PH of the human blood is between 7.35 and 7.45 as the PH below 7 is considered as acidic and above 7 as alkaline. The Wolfe Clinic which is a business in the natural health care and operating from 25 years advises that most of the people should include 75 percent alkalizing food and 25 percent acidifying food in their diet. This diet helps to lower cholesterol of the person and also reduces stress along with improving the functioning of the immune system. This diet also helps to promote healthy eating habits.

The alkaline vegetables include broccoli, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, asparagus, and cabbage. Many other vegetables such as leeks, red cabbage, spinach, turnips and barley grass also comes under alkaline vegetable category. The fruits which consist of alkaline are avocado, lime, grapefruit, lemon, and watermelon. Grains, nuts and seeds are also beneficial to produce alkaline in the body and these include cumin seeds, buckwheat, almonds, lentils, sesame, flax, spelt, spouted seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin. Some other foods including mung beans, soy, little radish coconut, olive oil, hummus, alfalfa, chickpea, broccoli and wheat sprouts are also good source of alkaline. Milk, lemon water and herbal tea also contain alkaline food. Vegetable broth distilled and ionized water is also helpful to make your body alkalized. 

The acidic foods are more than alkaline foods and we even don’t consider some of them as acidic foods. Eggs, cheese, ice cream, yogurt all are acidic foods. The acidic foods which are also high in protein are beef, chicken, lamb, pork, many sea foods and turkey. Coffee, fast food, alcoholic drinks, microwave meals, fruit juices and non-herbal teas all comes under the category of acidic foods. Honey, saturated fats, breads, vinegar, sweets are also acidic foods.

It has also been believed by the proponents of the PH balanced diet that alkaline food also helps you to prevent degenerative diseases. It also maintains health by reducing the level of acid in the bloodstream. Acidosis can also be prevented if you take alkaline food.

Alkaline foods vs. acidic foods – If you want to get alkaline diet you just need to reduce intake of dairy and red meat and instead of this you should take more nuts, seeds and raw fruit vegetables. You can also consult your health care provider or dietitian o take his advice about your modified diet. It is essential for everybody to take diet which helps to maintain the accurate acidity and alkaline balance. So if you are less active then you can take diet with two parts alkaline and one part acid but if you are active then you should have four part alkaline and one part acid.